So, how’s that school thing going?

Pretty good! Thanks for asking!

My first class ends this week and my second class began this week so I’m doing two classes at once until Friday. I will admit, two classes at once is not as overwhelming as I had anticipated. In fact, of the six combined assignments for the week; I only have one left. Go me!

Much to my disappointment, the cool binder I created has been completely unused. It is currently hanging on a hook in my closet. Good thing I didn’t spend any money on it!

What I have discovered is that “online school” means a lot of computer work. And, as much as I adore my Surface Pro 2; the screen is a little tiny for hours and hours of study. So, I’m having to create an entirely different form of study space. Amazon says it will be here tomorrow.

I’ve also found out that the planning skills I learned in college back in the 90’s (Yes, I did just write “back in the 90’s) need to be applied to this school experience too. I can’t wait to show you what is going to help me with that! FedEx says…they have no clue when it will be here. I am a sad panda over this one.

As you can see, my school experience is based not upon my learning, but on the cool stuff it takes to get me through class. I have my priorities.

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My top 10 favorite things about Florida

I was walking to the mailbox the other day and was thinking about how very much I love watching the lizards scurry around in front of me. I decided that it was time for me to share some of my favorite things about my new home.

10 – Warmth

I love being warm. Seriously. It is October and I’m still wearing shorts and short sleeves. It is starting to get into the 60’s when the sun sets, but I’m still warm. My muscles love this.

9 – Lizards

I have loved watching lizards scurry around since I was a small child. There is just something happy about they way they run. And right now the sidewalk is covered with itty bitty baby lizards. Seriously. Adorable.

8 – Thunder

I thought thunder bouncing off the mountains was cool. No. Thunder down here is epic. It goes on for hours and I don’t even see a drop of rain. Who can complain about that??

7 – Sun

It is almost always out. No grey winters here. Yes, we had some cloudiness last week, but there are always a few hours each day when that glorious golden orb shines through. It is very happy.

6 – Moss

I know it kills trees, but I love the ambiance created by moss.

5 – Water

Lakes are everywhere. I did not expect this when I moved.

4 – Clear line of sight

I thought that I would miss the comfort of the mountains. Nope. In fact, last time I was in Virginia, I got a little claustrophobic. Florida isn’t flat like Oklahoma or Indiana. We have some “hills” so you can’t watch your dog run away for too many hours. The lack of mountains just makes the sky so very big!

3 – Flowers

They are always blooming. Always. There is never a lack of color

2 – Green

The grass never dies in the winter. Do you know what that does for the psyche?? If you’ve never experienced it, it’s kinda huge.

1 – Beach smell

I’m about an hour away from either coast, but some days I can smell the beach. As far as I’m concerned, that’s close enough to be happy.


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Reverse body shaming

Excuse me while I complain about first world average sized girl problems.

- The vest I’m required to wear when I’m working on the side of the road is too big. It is adjustable, but it could still wrap around me twice. Also it hangs to my knees. I look like a toddler in my dad’s protective gear.

- My job is currently loading the trucks with HAZMAT gear in case we get an Ebola patient. If ET just flashed through your mind, you are correct. The sizes they placed in the bags are large through XXX large. Guess who is going to be swallowed by the gear which will probably create gaps where there should not be gaps?

- To raise funds for breast cancer awareness, my coworkers created a cool shirt. I’d prefer my money went to childhood cancer, heart disease, or about 50 other causes; but the shirt is actually really cool. I was told that they ordered men’s sizes and that they run a little big. I requested an extra small even though a small usually fits me quite nicely. I received an ugly look and was informed that they didn’t order extra smalls because only I need something that tiny. I’m wearing my “small” as I write this. It fits me like a medium. It makes me sad that this really cool shirt causes me feel like I’m wearing a potato sack.

Sometimes I wonder why I even try to eat well and exercise. All it does is get me dirty looks and ill fitting clothes.

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No. Just, no.

Last week I read a blog post about 7 things a parent should tell their daughter. It was a pretty good list. I was nodding and smiling as I read. I cheered and gave an air fist bump when I read “She doesn’t need a guy.” YES!! So many young girls seem to be wrapped up in the idea that they cannot be whole if they aren’t in a relationship. Their very existence depends upon having a guy on their elbow, ear, or phone screen at all times.

But then the author began to elaborate on her point. And I became less enthused. Her followup to young girls not needing a guy was focused on a girl’s relationship with God and her dad (or as she put it “a father figure”).

No. Just, no.

This is where the Church has messed with the heads of young girls.

My relationship with God and my dad are very important. But they can never meet the needs or desires fulfilled by a relationship with a guy.

I remember being told in my early 20’s (because I was single and so old) that I needed to use my single years to “fall in love with Jesus.” If I spent all my time getting to know Him, I would be content in my singleness. Apparently I didn’t spend enough time in Bible study, because that failed rather epically.

The truth is that my relationship with God may remind me that I am perfect in His sight-but it does nothing for the lurking thoughts in my head about whether or not I’m good looking in the sight of the guys around me. It can’t.

My dad laid a wonderful foundation for what I should expect from a relationship with a guy. He really did. I could make a long list of the things he did (and still does) with and for me that I treasure. But I cannot and should not expect from him what I would expect from a date.

He belongs to my mom. For me to expect or require him to fulfill any needs that could be met by a husband would be wrong.

So yes, girls need to be taught that their relationships with God and their dads are important. But not in the context of replacing a relationship with a guy. They need to be taught that they don’t need a guy because they are them. God made them complete without the addition of anyone else. Yes, life can be better with a companion. But a person’s value does not change because of a relationship.

That is what daughters need to hear.

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That was fun!

Shortly after moving to Florida, I learned that I can volunteer as a medic during Disney races. Do I need to explain how cool this is?? Saturday, I volunteered for my first race-the Tower of Terror Ten Miler. It was a night race through Hollywood Studios. My shift was from 8pm until 4am. A little ouchie. But hey, fun is fun.

Here’s how it went down.

I showed up two hours early for registration. They turned me away. Apparently they don’t like paranoid early birds… So I went to Magic Kingdom and got dinner :)

Two hours later I returned to a long line of medical volunteers registering, getting t-shirts, and grabbing snack food. Very efficient process. They told us to choose five snacks out of the items on the tables. I almost took five packs of Oreos…

Once in the park I was partnered with a young nurse. We were given a bag of supplies, a wheelchair, a radio with ear bud (I looked like an FBI agent), and told that we were to roam the route. It was a difficult assignment. Very difficult.

My partner and I did a little investigation of the area. We found a spot with good visual of a long stretch of the route, walked the paths to the nearest AED and first aid tent, and introduced ourselves to the Disney cast members around us. Then we waited for runners.

The runners arrived and I spent the next two hours clapping. My partner turned out to be a cheerleader in a previous life, she clapped and kept up a constant flow of encouraging chatter. I stuck with clapping.

By the end of the night I had:

Treated one Disney cast member for low blood sugar.

Given one runner a wheelchair ride to the medical tent.

Explored the back passages of Hollywood Studios.

Walked around the entire park at least a dozen times.

Generally had fun under the guise of working.

Yeah, I’ll be doing that again.

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What if?

Pardon me while I wonder along a few rabbit trails. My brain takes these types of trips every so often. My dad says I get this kind of thinking from my grandfather who may or may not have worked for the CIA…

I still watch the news coming out of Virginia. A few weeks ago, a young college girl vanished. They have arrested a suspect. That suspect has been linked to at least one kidnapping and murder. It looks like he may be linked to several more cases before this is over.

This may end up looking like something scripted for Criminal Minds.

But that isn’t where my mind is going.

Several years ago, the suspect was a student at Liberty University. While he was there, he was investigated for rape. The charges were dropped and the was expelled from the school.

And here is where my mind starts to wander.

What if Liberty handled the accusations like the recent cases out of Patrick Henry College? What if they blamed the victim (Liberty was once known for its strict “modesty” rules) and quietly let a rapist walk away? What if they handled this the way that we are finding so many churches have handled sexual sin – quietly and out of the public eye?

What if they could have stopped this guy before he started??

What if the deaths of these women can be placed directly on the shoulders of the Church? 


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I’m totally using blogging to avoid doing school work.

My Christmas cards came yesterday. There was a sale.

The battery in my keyless entry car key has died. I’m too lazy to deal with it. This makes it hard for me to find my car in the Disney parking lot.

My 14 year old Birkenstocks are literally falling apart. I bought a new pair as a replacement. I can’t put them on my feet. It feels like betrayal.

Years ago, when I was in EMT class, I got all judgy mckjudgy pants inside my head when a veteran medic talked about comfort food in the context of EMTs taking care of themselves after a bad call. Nearly 12 years later I can totally imagine myself making that same point. Except I might not use the words “eat the whole pizza”…. I may still be a little judgy mckjudgy pants…

The sinus bug that I’m currently experiencing has killed my appetite and taste buds. Which would lead one to assume that I’ve been eating my meals as scheduled and planned. Nope. I’ve been eating out. Which makes absolutely no sense at all whatsoever.


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